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UPDATED THURSDAY, MARCH 26, 2020 - 1:15pm

The absentee hours that are posted in the Mount Horeb Mail are incorrect.  They were sent to the paper BEFORE we reduced the hours due to COVID-19.  The hours listed below are correct.

***Please note the Hours listed below are the ONLY times when Town Hall will be open to the public.  Other than the In-person Absentee Hours listed below the Building will be CLOSED due to COVID-19 virus.  If you want to vote Absentee you must come in during the hours advertised or call for a special appointment (608) 437-8722. 

Hello Town of Blue Mounds Residents:
Thank you very much for all of you who have requested and Voted by Absentee Ballot.  The turnout has been great, keep up the good work.  The Wisconsin Governor announced on Monday that he will issue a “safer-at-home” order for the entire state of Wisconsin. The order was issued to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  New updated In-person Absentee Voting hours are posted below. We will only except walk-in Absentee Voters at Town Hall during the hours and days listed below.  When entering the building please pay attention to the signs posted.  The Clerks window and door will be closed at all times, and the information will be slide through the bottom of the window.  If you come into Town Hall and there are several voters present, please honor appropriate  social distancing.

Presidential Preference Primary and Spring Election April 7, 2020
The Town Hall will be open and the clerk available for absentee voting on:
*Monday March 30, 10am-Noon.
*Wednesday April 1, 4pm-7pm             NIGHT HOURS
*Friday April 3, 3-5pm
*Photo ID is required to be shown when voting early or on election day.
If you prefer to request a ballot by mail, please send your signed, dated request to Michael Freitag at 10566 Blue Vista Road, Blue Mounds, WI 53711. You MUST include a legible copy of your photo ID if requesting by mail. If requesting by email please send to your request to with a copy of photo ID.

We have received notice that numerous thefts have been occurring in neighboring Townships and The Town of Blue Mounds.   The thefts are usually minor (spare change in your car, cell phones, anything in your vehicle worth value), but the criminals are getting more bold.  One report showed that the suspects entered the home and looked for personal property with value.
The perpetrator/s have easy shopping when vehicles are left unlocked with the keys inside.  They also have very easy access to houses with the garage door openers.
Being vigilant and smart doing the simple things can help.  Just removing the keys, locking vehicles and homes makes a big difference.  I know taking garage door remotes out of vehicles can be a hassle, but it prevents easy access to your home or garage.  Putting them out of sight in your vehicle can help, like the glove box. Please be aware of your surrondings and report all issues to your local Police Department.

MEETING NOTICE 2 10 20.pdf

Resolution 2019-3 Elector Vote to Increase Levy 
Resolution 2019-2 Board Vote to increase Levy 


2019/Public Hearing regarding Ordinance 23 to include Transitional Areas.pdfTOWN OF BLUE MOUNDS ORDINANCE #20 An Ordinance Declining to Approve the Comprehensive Revision of Dane County Zoning Ordinance


Welcome to the Town of Blue Mounds, Dane County Wi

Established as a government over 160 years ago, the Town of Blue Mounds lies at the far western edge of Dane County in beautiful southwestern Wisconsin.

The early settlers, Germans and Norwegians, came to this area of Wisconsin because the land reminded them of their homeland — beautiful rolling hills, pristine valley streams, potential for bountiful crops.  Farming the land was their objective and this continues today as the prime use of land in the town.

Take a few minutes to explore the town, its history, its government and what's going on today.

Town of Blue Mounds Town Hall
10566 Blue Vista Road
Blue Mounds, WI 53517
2.5 miles west of Mt. Horeb - just off HWY ID
Town Hall & Town Clerk's Phone — 608-437-8722
Town Fax — 608-437-8727
Town Clerk's Email:
Clerk's Office Hours — 9AM - Noon - Monday - Thursday

If you cannot make it in during office hours, a waterproof drop-box is located outside the Town Hall, available 24 hrs.  Please feel free to drop documents/payments in the box. It is checked daily.